Finally, a reliable cost-effective solution to your fluid management and mining ventilation needs.

VarioGen not only provides considerable savings in Operational & Capital expenditure, but gives you full management control of water pressure, flow and level.

the Variogen difference

VarioGen has in built VSD and Soft Starter systems negating the need for expensive upgrades. It has a huge range of process control features including being able to control a pump via flow, pressure, water level and temperature.

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What Does It Do

VarioGen is a highly flexible, power generation control solution. It utilises the latest technology in motor controls, has in built VSD and Soft Starter capabilities to give you a “ONE STOP” solution for ALL your fluid management and ventilation requirements.

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the savings

VarioGen lowers CAPEX by reducing the size of the generator required. Combined with significant OPEX savings owing to lower maintenance and operation costs (fuel) by running the pump at lower speeds and you have the most cost-effective Generator Control Solution available today.

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Performance Versatility

VarioGen is highly adaptable, easily configurable and can be effortlessly modified to meet your specific needs. VarioGen is reliable, powerful, economical and can be quickly & efficiently fitted to new or existing assets. Through its unique process controls less work of the genset equates to less emissions and therefore its kinder on the environment.

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The VarioGen controller has been designed and engineered utilising leading engine management systems and generating set controls manufacturers to develop a truly unique and ground breaking soft starter and variable speed generator/pump control unit.

The VarioGen controller removes the need for external soft starter control panels or variable speed drives in a range of applications that includes pumps used in mining, quarrying, agriculture, construction, tunnelling, marine, and water transfer, waste water treatment and oil & gas.

Working together with some of the largest mining & resources companies throughout Australia.

What VarioGen clients are saying

In early 2017, I challenged the team at Taranis Power to produce a more cost effective and controllable solution for my dewatering programme at our facility at Iron Valley in the Pilbara.

They offered me VarioGen.

Not only has VarioGen provided us with the full controllability over the pump we were looking for (flow/level/pressure/temperature) but, it has also reduced our operational costs dramatically on these critical pieces of equipment.

James Strong
Projects Manager, Mineral Resources Limited

The variable speed generator control solution