VarioGen has been designed and engineered utilising leading global engine and process control manufacturers to develop a truly unique and ground-breaking control system.

VarioGen can be used in a range of applications that includes pumps for decanting, irrigation, water & waste water treatment as well as underground mining ventilation.

It’s adaptability and easy to use interface means its suitable for all industry sectors…mining, quarrying, marine, up and downstream oil & gas, agriculture and construction. VarioGen is designed, built, installed and commissioned right here in Australia by the dedicated team of power generation experts at Taranis Power Group.

VarioGen’s initial inception was born out of a need to find a cost-effective solution to projects, particularly in the Pilbara based iron ore industry. Since those early days VarioGen has continued to develop technologically and it is now The Variable Speed Control Solution.

The Savings

  • Lowers the initial capital cost – reduces the size of genset by a factor of 2
  • Lower operational and maintenance cost – fuel
  • Eliminates the need for expensive variable speed shielded cable to the pump
  • Mobile technology – controllable by phone or tablet for optimised efficiency
  • Reduces the total package size, impact on the environment, less carbon emissions
  • Eliminates the need for expensive external control panels with soft starter and variable frequency drives
  • Maximise the fuel efficiency up to 17% in comparison with traditional systems*
  • Minimise the mechanical and electrical stress introduced by load start up and stop

Unique Features

  • Advanced pump motor monitoring and protection for extended life of assets
  • Headworks process connection is made via single cable – simple installation
  • Automatic process connection can be inserted in any port as the system recognise the input type: rtd, flow, pressure, etc.
  • Automatic motor size detection while connected to VarioGen – wider operational range and greater integrability
  • VarioGen system can be retrofitted virtually to any existing generators
  • VarioGen can virtually generate any voltage and frequency
  • Simple and fast deployment
  • Plug an play – no electrical discipline personnel required



In early 2016, The VarioGen story began from a solitary client who was in urgent need of finding a more cost-effective solution when running large bore pumps for project’s in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

The team at Taranis Power Group immediately and studiously set about conceiving what we now know as VarioGen.

Utilising premium global engine and process control manufactures & systems during 2016 they created a truly unique cost-effective control solution giving users absolute command of their bore pumps.

By late 2016, the first significant order arrived when Taranis Power Group were asked to design & build 11 VarioGen units for the MRL Iron Valley Project.

Knowing that the R&D team at Taranis Power Group had developed something so exceptional in VarioGen that they applied to IPTA Australia to lodge the VarioGen patent (pending) in early 2017.

Since those early successes, Taranis Power Group continues to develop VarioGen and now has three configurations available, VarioGen Micro, VarioGen and VarioGen+ and lodged two additional patents (pending).

This continued commitment to research & development now enables VarioGen be used in all forms of fluid management and ventilation across all market sectors.

Today, VarioGen is THE Variable Speed Generator Control Solution

Taranis Power Group are a Perth based electrical contractor.

Their services range from electrical installations, commissioning, fault finding and maintenance with a specific focus in supporting diesel and gas generators of all makes and models.

With workshop facilities in Perth and Karratha, Taranis Power Group able to design, build, install and commission a range control panels and switchboards as well as providing temporary and permanent labour from power station managers to electrical technicians.